Rusalka, A Mermaid's Tale

Opera for the Young

This April, Sugar Creek Opera is sponsoring the tour, Opera for the Young, in select elementary schools in Iroquois County by bringing opera directly to the students. Opera for the Young is performing a reduced version of Rusalka that is tailor-made for students at their school. Students study the opera before the troupe arrives and then perform in the chorus in an interactive performance. This performance happens during their regular school day.

Sugar Creek Opera will sponsor Opera for the Young to perform for over 1,000 students in Iroquois County the week of April 15!! Local children learn the music with their music teacher and a select 16 students also perform with the opera singers in costumes! OFTY unites Dvorak’s lush music with the touching tale of a young mermaid in its original adaptation of Rusalka. In OFTY’s English adaptation, the story has moved from forest glen to coral reef, Rusalka yearns to become human because she’s in love with the Prince. Rusalka’s father, the Sea King, warns her about people, but the mermaid goes to Jezibaba, the sea witch, for a magic spell. Rusalka exchanges her fish tail for legs at a price: she won’t be understood by humans. This proves to be a challenging barrier for the Prince who, after bringing Rusalka to his castle, is pursued by a Foreign Princess. Complications abound, aided and untangled by Creatures of the Reef. Understanding and accepting difference is a powerful subject highlighted in this tale of magical romance, loss, and the redemptive power of love.

Sixteen students from each school perform on stage as the Creatures of the Reef.