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Madama Butterfly

by Giacomo PucciniAugust 3–5, 2012

Set in the 20th century, an American sailor named B.F. Pinkerton arrives in Japan and meets Cio-Cio San, a young Japanese woman. He calls her Butterfly. She falls in love. He asks for her hand in marriage but considers their romance temporary and has no intention of taking her back to the United States with him. Cio-Cio San marries Pinkerton, and in so doing, turns her back on her family and her faith. Soon after their marriage, Pinkerton leaves her behind. For three years, she waits patiently to be reunited with the man she loves and to introduce him to their son. When Pinkerton finally returns, he brings his American wife, Kate. Cio Cio San is heartbroken to learn that he has not come for her, but has come to take her son back to the United States. Left completely alone, Cio-Cio San is devastated by the loss of her son and the man she loves.


Helen Todd

Cio Cio San

Kathryn Cowdrick


Jeffrey Hartman


Grant Youngblood


Neal Woodruff


LaMarcus Miller


Russell Hoke

The Bonze*

James Arnold


Benjamin Cohen

The Official Registrar

Elizabeth Picker

Cio-Cio San's mother

Molly Clodius

The cousin

Lydia Dahling

Kate Pinkerton*

Julianna Stahl


Joseph Mechavich


A. Scott Parry

Stage Director

*Role performed by Danis Wilson Apprentice