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Cold Sassy Tree

by Carlisle FloydJuly 27–August 4, 2013

It is 1900. The citizens of Cold Sassy Tree, a small town in rural Georgia, are outraged when Rucker Lattimore, the recently widowed proprietor of the General Store, announces his intention to marry Love Simpson, a “Yankee” milliner half his age. Lattimore’s two grown daughters strongly disapprove. Miss Love explains to them the “marriage arrangement:” she will cook and clean in return for the deed to the house and its furnishings. Meanwhile, Lattimore’s grandson, Will Tweedy, befriends a classmate, Lightfoot McLendon, from the “wrong side of the tracks.“ The citizens of Cold Sassy Tree shun the new Mrs. Lattimore at church. Rucker responds by conducting an impromptu service in his parlor for Will, Love and himself. Rucker and Love grow closer, as do Will and Lightfoot. Love shares intimate details of her troubled past with Rucker and in a short time, they become closer than either of them imagined they ever would. Their relationship is eventually, and quite seriously, influenced by surprising and unforeseen events. Events that turn the heads of the citizens of Cold Sassy Tree.


Kyle Albertson

Rucker Lattimore

Helen Todd

Love Simpson

Daniel Shirley

Will Tweedy

Rochelle Bard

Mary Willis

Julia Snowden

Loma Williams

Cindy Sadler

Effie Belle Tate

Neal Woodruff


Jessica Jones

Lightfoot McClendon*

Andrew Paulson

Clayton McAllister*

Jeremy Ayres Fischer

Campbell Williams*

Lauren Auge

Thelma Predmore*

Jennifer Sgroe


Elizabeth Thompson


*Role performed by Danis Wilson Apprentice