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Suor Angelica

by Giacomo PucciniAugust 5, 2012

Sister Angelica has been in a convent for seven years, waiting in vain for word from her family. The other sisters speculate that she was a princess, banished for reasons they have not discovered. One day, a magnificent coach arrives, bearing Angelica’s aunt, the Princess. The Princess is cold and unfriendly to her niece—rejecting Angelica’s affection. She declares that as payment for the disgrace Angelica brought on the family, she wishes her to sign over her inheritance to her younger sister who is engaged to be married. When Angelica eventually learns the news that she longed to hear, about the secret child who drove her to the convent, she gives into her aunt’s request, then takes devastating actions she soon regrets. As the story draws to a close, this abbreviated opera resonates with themes of motherly love, heavenly beauty and redemption.


Rebecca Caliendo

Sister Angelica

Katherine Dalin

The Princess

Megan Bell

Sister Genevieve

Katherine Dalin

Mother Superior

Lydia Dahling

Sister Osmina

Jessica Jacobs

Sister Dolcina

Molly Clodius

The Novice

Isabella Stahl

The Son

Bruce Stasyna


A. Scott Parry

Stage Director